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Zachary Budde

World Taekwondo Academy - Maple Grove

USAT 2012 Jr. World Team, 2013 National Jr. Team,

2014 Youth Olympic Games Team

Interview with Zach:

ISA: Do you feel that International Sport Achievers has helped you in your training and development?
Zach: Yes, by giving me something to help me focus and keep me from feeling “jumpy” between matches. Our team trainer/coach could not believe the change in my ability to relax and yet be spot on ready when the next fight came up.

ISA: Do you feel that International Sport Achievers has helped you in other parts of your life?
Zach: Yes, in my High Performance and Advanced Placement classes I am very relaxed, focused, and confident. I still get tense when I feel short on time but I am able to regroup and not get so tense that I freeze up.

ISA: What services have you used with us?
Zach: I have been lucky enough to take advantage of:

  • In person and group seminars; both physical and psychological
  • Group conference calls and team meditation sessions
  • AME Testing (several times)
  • One-on-one meditations
  • Personal one-on-one sessions
  • Customized, recorded meditations and combats
  • General TKD Meditations and combat visualizations

ISA: What is your favorite service?
Zach: So far, they have all have been helpful in different ways but the services that has helped the most is one-on-one time with Ms. Cristerna and the recorded meditations. The meditations give me something to turn to no matter where I am.

ISA: Do you feel that International Sport Achievers helped give you the competitive advantage to win?
Zach: Yes, I do feel I have gained a competitive advantage by utilizing International Sport Achievers. In Egypt for junior Worlds I didn’t compete until the last day. Staying calm and relaxed all while being ready was no simple task. But I did and as a 15-year-old, first time team member, half way around the world, I made it to the quarterfinals. Prior to that event most tournaments were with the same kids I have been training with and competing against since I started. But most recently I credit my Canada Open win to the meditations I did prior to first stepping in the ring. I used the relaxation ones to make sure I could get a good night sleep the night before; and when I found out I got the bye I used the active pre-fight meditation in place of a in ring match. When I entered the ring to the real first time I felt like I had already been there.

ISA: Would you recommend other athletes train with us or use our services?
Zach: No - that way I can keep my advantage! But seriously YES, I would have to recommend International Sports Achievers.

ISA: Why do you like working with us?
Zach: ISA has a laid back approach in getting the right information into your head. I have never felt uncomfortable unless it was part of the process to get past a difficult stumbling block.

ISA: What would you tell other athletes and coaches about International Sport Achievers?
Zach: Try it. The only risk is that you will better than you ever thought you could be!

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