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Overview and Benefit

International Sport Achievers provides the most comprehensive taekwondo sport psychology products in the world!

Guided Meditations and Combat Visualizations

Level one and two meditations are designed to help athletes and coaches develop emotional regulation, intentional focus, and remove blocks that can interfere with their performance. Athletes are taken through a guided visualization to evolve negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, and anxiety into higher and more positive emotions.

Clients report feeling better instantly and, when used daily, improve their emotional regulation relatively quickly.

The combat visualizations provide athletes who need more ring-time but, for whatever reason, are unable to get it. Our combats are guided visualized fights that the athlete does on their own. Each combat includes a guided relaxation, choice of combat type (fast fighter, front foot fighter, head hunter, etc), integration and return.

All of our client athletes who are on national teams use both the Level 1 and 2 meditations as well as the combats as part of their training and competition preparation.


Our webinars are designed around themes and topics that are relevant to taekwondo athletes, coaches, and parents. All webinars are available to watch again by the individual for whom it was purchased for 14-days.


Our live tkd sport psychology seminars are conducted at taekwondo school across the United States. Fees are as low as $50 per person depending on the size of the audience and location of the school. Call us for more information.

Athlete's Mental Edge (AME)

This inventory is a must have for every athlete and coach. It pinpoints areas of strength and in need of development - saving the athlete not only precious time but money. The AME's are offered online and take only 20 minutes to complete.