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Logan weber

KO's Black Belt Academy - OP

2014 usat Cadet team 

Logan, her mother, and coach endorses ISA!

LOGAN (Athlete):

One month prior to Nationals 2013 my coach noticed my confidence in the ring had dropped. So my mom signed me up for one of International Sport Achievers online seminars. Following the seminar Jinnie Christerna spent some time with me personally to ensure she recommended the best meditations for me.

I started listening to the "Anger and Fear" meditation several times a week leading into Nationals where I earned Bronze. My mom and coach could both already see a difference in my level of confidence. The following five months I continued to listen to this meditation and then added in the fight/combat visualization. It took a little time and practice to used to them, but now it is a normal part of my training routine. This past weekend I competed and won Team trials for female cadets Light middle. I am so grateful to Ms. Jinnie and International Sport Achievers for the missing piece to my training puzzle. I highly recommend these meditations to any serious TKD competitor that wants the fighting edge.

PAM (Mother):

My daughter Logan has been competing in Taekwondo for the last 4 years and was starting to pull together all the pieces to be competitive when her coach and I starting noticing a drop in her confidence but was unable to identify why. I signed Logan up for an online seminar with International Sports Achievers.

I was so impressed with Jinnie Cristerna and loved that she her self trains and competes in TKD that we decided to give it a try. Logan spent some time with Jinnie on a phone consultation that gave her the insight needed to recommend that Logan would be suited to start with the “Anger & Fear” meditation. Less then a month later Logan competed at USAT Nationals 2013, where she earned a Bronze medal but more importantly her confidence was up and she was enjoying the game again!  

Following Nationals Jinnie had her add the fight/combat visualization. It took some practice for Logan to ease into this mediation but with a little time it has become an important part of her training regimen.

Six months after starting to work with International Sports Achievers, Logan attended the USAT Team Trials where she competed in the Female Cadet light/middle division and WON!  She had a tough division full of talented fighters that tested Logan’s skill level, conditioning, and Mental Strength! 

I truly feel that the work Logan has done with Jinnie was definitely a contributing factor to not only her success but also to her truly enjoying the journey!!

Seth Wilson (Coach):

As a Coach I am always looking for an edge. I know I'm not alone in that and I would like to share something that my athletes used prior to their national competition this year. The International Sport Achievers program helped several of my athletes have some of their greatest nationals performances.

We worked directly with Jinnie Cristerna and her help was golden.They offer free webinars to help your athletes train their minds to be ready to perform. I can personally attest to the work that Jinnie does and I felt that it was a huge benefit to my kids. I am always looking for anything to help my athletes and this definitely something to look into!

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