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Sherman Nelson, Jr.

USA Taekwondo National coach

* Currently a National Team coach for USA Taekwondo.
* Two time National Taekwondo Collegiate medalist, National Champion, US National Collegiate Team Captain and US National Team Member.
* Served as an Assistant NAtional Team Coach for the junior, collegiate and senior national teams with USA Taekwondo since 2005.
* Voted as "Volunteer Coach of the Year" by the US Olympic Committee in 2007.
* Develops and leads coaching seminars for USA Taekwondo.

George Hanshaw, Psy.D.

Sport Psychology Consultant & Researcher

* Human performance consultant with a deep passion for developing deeper meaning and growing the whole person to help them reach their peak performance levels.
* Nicknamed, "The Coaches Coach" he specializes in working with coaches to improve their ability to connect with and coach their athletes.
* Conducted research that looked at the relationship between mental imagery, self-talk and reaction time. Concluded that athletes who use a combination of cognitive specific imagery and motivational self-talk can significantly reduce their reaction time.
* George owns Gellen Fitness which is a taekwondo, tumbling, and wrestling studio in Apple Valley, CA.

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Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt, Rh.D.

Sports Psychology Consultant & Therapist

* Founder & President of ISA (International Sport Achievers)
* Effectively helping athletes improve mental aspects of their performance for over 15 years.
* Graduate of University of Chicago and served on the Alumni Board of Governors
* TKD practioner for 9 years
* 2008 US Open silver medalist2008 US Nationals gold medalist
* 2011 US Open bronze medalist
* 2011 US Nationals bronze medalist
* 2012 US Nationals bronze medalist
​* 2013 US National silver medalist
* 27 years of clinical Practice
* Develops athletes at every level of training and competition beginning at 9-years-old.
* Experienced in working with Olympians and Jr. and Sr. World Team members.
* Created "Taekwondo Combat Visualizations™" Program for athletes

* Featured in Chicago media for the work she does with taekwondo and meditations: click here to view video

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